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Dr. Teeya Scholten

I love Judith's Busy Bags - the durable cotton bags that are available in rainbow colours allows everyone to choose...


Lynn Dyer

Judith gifted myself and my twin boys, with a Busy Bag and we have all had fun...


What are Busy Bags?

Welcome to Busy Bags.ca. The tactile objects in Busy Bags are proven to help deal with stress and aid concentration. These subtle objects can be used anywhere, anytime! Busy Bags are great for AD/HD or ADD and other learning challenges! Busy Bags calm active or anxious children, youth, and adults and help them to relax, concentrate or focus. Great for use at school and all educational learning centre’s for all ages of students. Stimulates the student’s brain to concentrate and focus. It will also help them to be calm and relaxed. Carry your Busy Bag where ever you go and use it on long trips, at adult events like weddings, birthday parties, even at the dentist, anywhere at anytime.


Children, youth, and adults love playing with the little bendable figure, the rubber spike creature/ball, the magnets and other fun items in their bag. The secret to the success of these objects is the way they FEEL. Playing with these items is relaxing and fun! They are great for drivers dealing with the stress of rush hour and people trying to quit smoking (fidget with the Busy Bag items to replace holding a cigarette) or other addictions. Quitting other addictions? (If in recovery for other addictions, you could fidget with these items in your Busy Bag while in recovery counselling sessions and or in recovery group sessions and meetings). Use to stimulate your concentration during staff meetings, staff training, and conferences.


Get Yours Today

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Thank you for taking an interest in Busy Bags. There are currently 2 different ways that you can get your hands on a Busy Bag so take a look below at the easiest way you can get your Busy Bag/s for only $12 today.

  • Buy Your Busy Bag today. Click here to contact Judith online or call Toll Free at 1-877-619-7755


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Owner and founder Judith Snell not only creates Busy Bags but is also an active member in the child/youth care community. Judith works in a partnership program with CBE (Calgary Board of Education) and Alberta Health Services (Re: Mental Health).


In addition to this Judith is an independent facilitator. She worked with Dr. Teeya Scholten, who is the founder of EmpowermentPlus www.GoodNewsAboutADD.com, where they developed a workshop together called The Missing Pieces That Lead To Addiction (AD/HD,ADD,LD,Depression,Trauma etc.). Judith now presents this workshop on her own. Click the link below to read more...

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